[ZDP] OpenContent issues

Ken Manheimer klm@digicool.com
Tue, 18 May 1999 14:18:42 -0400

Seems like there are two separate issues bumping (gently) against
eachother in this thread - generation of zope documentation and the
prospects of producing a zope book.  I agree with martijn f that it's
best, for the sake of generating some substantial documentation at all,
to not set our sites on a book, and i agree with david a that a book is
a real good idea to plant before this self selected audience.  Though
i'd  say, according to my instincts, it probably should be only an
incidental one for the zdp, as a group, at least for now.  

I also want to say that i really like the way martijn f framed the open
docs principles:

>   * It may not be too big a deal if someone uses the fruits of our
> labors 'to get      rich' anyway. We're not into this to get rich
> all, we want good docs.
>    * Digicool allows us 'to get rich' by giving away Zope. We might 
>      want to follow their example. :)
>    * We probably don't have to worry about these issues a lot at the
>    * What happens with externally contributed texts? It should be
clear what is
>      and what isn't a ZDP contribution.

While i might be concurring out of selfish self-interest, as a digicool
employee, really it is out of understanding that this open-artifact
policy (whether the artifact is source code or documentation) can
constitute a win-win situation for us all.  Sort of the antidote to the
prisoners dilemma, redeemed by communication.  Or something:-)