[ZDP] Zope hierarchy

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom.deprez@village.uunet.be
Wed, 19 May 1999 00:48:03 +0200

Hi Michel,

: Tom, many of your questions are really only truly understandable if you
: read and grok the source (and most of my answers come from me quickly
: referencing the source to make sure they are correct).  There are some
: serious techical and detailed things going on here, and I think it might
: be best to put off documenting the internal operations of Zope until our
: UML documentation effort is fully kicked off.  Just to fully apreciate
: how complex this can get, go to your lib/python directory and run
: python, then

Yes, I know internal Zope is complex. Especially if you've never seen
Python. I browsed some times through the directories and I keep feeling me
smaller and smaller. Well, I know something about programming in OO (Delphi)
and I'm more trying to understand Zope/Python from this knowledge. There I
know the full structure of The Object hierarchy and it makes life sometimes

I try to form an easy understanding of Zope for beginners (like me). When I
openend Zope, I saw lots of products, like ZSQL Methods etc which I can add
etc. I played around with them, but what I missed is how they interact with
each other. And it's this I want to show in some of schematic overview. Same
with Z Framework.... I can't fully get a grip around the ZFramework, ...
when does ZFramework comes into play, etc.
Then ZClasses, I thought it were like objects in Delphi. But it seems that
I'm missing something of Zope. It's revisions....  So, it isn't so easy to
create a simple object in Zope (eg. Counter). For creating a counter, you
still have to use an external way. By the way, isn't it possible to create a
sort of ZClass in Zope which can be used for this purpose (eg. a counter
product). No revisions? For Zope 2.0?

I hope you understand my mind here and what I'm trying to say.


ps. Yes, it will take some time before I start documenting internal
operations of Zope :-). I hope someday I'm possible to understand it... and
then maybe I'll try to write my findings down... but this can take some
years :-).