[ZDP] Zope Architecture

Paul Everitt Paul@digicool.com
Wed, 19 May 1999 08:14:26 -0400

Tom wrote:
> Added another picture to chapter II.3. I received this one from Paul.
> Thanks Paul! But, now I'm confused again :-( (sorry!). In 
> this picture, we
> see ZServer... I thought ZServer was Medusa (or 
> ZopeHTTPServer), seems I'm
> wrong again here. What are the tasks of ZServer?

ZServer is based on Medusa and connects into ZPublisher for concurrency.
> It seems that a browser is also capable for entering 
> ZServer... Is this the
> WebDAV? PS. I've IE5 at home... how to use IE5 with WebDav?

Just like ZopeHTTPServer, ZServer can be connected to directly using
HTTP (rather than going through, say, Apache).  Unlike ZopeHTTPServer,
ZServer can concurrently listen to many protocols simultaneously.

To use WebDAV, get the 1.11pr1 release (or better yet, the latest CVS
checkout) and click in IE5 on Open, put in a URL, and click on the box
that says open as web folder.
> What are LDAP, IMAP for what can they be used?

Protocols for directory services and email boxes, respectively.
> I think, if I've answers to the above, I've a pretty good 
> idea about Zope.