[ZDP] OpenContent issues

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 19 May 1999 17:08:06 +0200

Tom Deprez wrote:

> I really don't understand much about these copyright licenses. 

No matter, I think my message (the earliest one of mine in this thread,
that is) summarizes our requirements and such the best. We just need
some copyright license figured out that fits our requirements.

> At the
> moment, I only want to write some articles and that some people correct and
> enhance it. (Because this is all new to me). 

Excellent..the ZDP is besides a way to create docs on Zope, also a way
to learn more about Zope in the process!

> I just write these articles in
> a sort of book way, because I find it better to read it and to learn from
> it, then reading pieces here and there.

I agree that the book format is a nice way to structure documents.

> However, I would like to know, if some people would use the texts... I find
> there should at least be a note which says, please let the ZDP list know
> that you're using these texts for project X. Through this, we know it is
> usefull work we're doing...

The OpenContent license goes somewhat like this:

* You can use the content (such as text) for any purposes (including
changing it and publishing it and printing it out and then burning it to
keep warm :), as long as:

* You clearly indicate who produced the content. So there's a list of
who helped.

* You clearly mark what you changed. 

I have the most problems with the latter, as when you edit a text it's
hard to mark exactly what you changed. Perhaps a collective ZDP
copyright for such things? But could something like that work? 

Of course common decency indicates that if you use ZDP docs (and not
just for personal study) it is nice to tell the ZDP, but that's not a
requirement. Would something like that be essential?

I think we'll just go with the OpenContent license for the things that
appear on the ZDP website (with possible exceptions). This does mean
each document should have at least a list of who worked on it, so you
all can go make lists like that now. :) It's nice to have your name on
things anyway, right?

Anyway, we open source folks are trained to look at licenses by now -- I
don't expect copyright to be a big deal at all for the ZDP as we're all