[ZDP] Zope hierarchy

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom.deprez@village.uunet.be
Wed, 19 May 1999 19:35:28 +0200

Re. Michel

 Explaining this would require the deepest knowledge of the core
: of the system.  Nothing unreachably complex, but it will be much easer
: for you guys to document for the "common folk" when we get done doing
: the techical documentation for the development community.

I fully agree!

: However, where you can now fill in is the higher level usage docs.  I
: would suggest thinking about a number of use cases, and then explaining
: each use case in detail.

Yes, that's what I was trying to do, but I haven't got any reply on these
questions yet... They are labeled Advice I and Advice II. Offcourse, Advice
II, is in fact the thing I eventually have to make at my hospital. I wanted
all your advice so that I get pushed in the right direction. Advice I is in
fact a problem which could be used by many companies... Please, if somebody
can read them and give your advice. Thanks!