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> Can somebody write a FAQ
> * about how upgrading a certain Zope version? -> This, for 
> Linux and Windows
> system.

Zope 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11pr1 all have compatable object database formats.
It is possible due to clock differences between computers for one
particular database to cause Zope on a machine with a different clock to
complain about 'records in the future'.  In this case, you can either
fix the database with the fixbbbts.py script or wait a (potentialy long)
amount of time for the system clock to exceed the longest future
timestamp.  This will make all your database timestamps sane.

Zope 2.0, however, introductes the third major version of the Z Object
Data Base, version 3.0.  Converting a <3.0 database to 3.0 will require
running the database through a conversion script.  This is due to
several major changes in the archetecture, including 64bit Object ids
instead of 32 bit.  (The configure script is not yet provided, but will
be before the first beta of Zope 2.0, current 2.0 is in alpha).

> * and how to use the latest versions (CVS), this in Linux and Windows
>   --> are this binaries too?

There is an existing document about this:


I believe windows users will need to have (buy) some development tools
to compile the C extensions when they change, however, the C extensions
do not change very often at all and are currently very stable.  CVS can
still benefit Windows users who want to update the Zope python code.


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