[ZDP] Zope vs CVS (Re: [ZDP] OpenContent issues)

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
19 May 1999 12:57:52 -0700

Paul Everitt <Paul@digicool.com> writes:
> Still, I'd like to hear what you think makes CVS "the more powerful
> version control".  As a longtime CVS user I agree with you, but I want
> to make sure the reasons are the same.

I've probably been using CVS for less time, but here are some guesses:

- logging a comment with every check-in

- committing multiple files as a single operation

- robust & bandwidth-efficient support for offline work & multiple
  authors - synchronization, merging

- powerful access to the repository - check out a snapshot as it
  appeared at any point in time, history reporting, etc.

- customizable actions (cvswrappers) - cc a mail list, indent files, etc.

- version forking, tagging, other advanced features that I'm not
  familiar with

- the aforementioned popularity of CVS, meaning a wide selection of
  ready-made tools and choice of GUIs - command-line, emacs, wincvs etc.