[ZDP] German to English: "Zope Zopen Zource Zoftware"

Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor" <bob@rocnet.com
Thu, 20 May 1999 06:21:25 -0400

Just for fun I used  babelfish to translate the beginning
of Tom Riedl's German ZOPE article.  I one of those poor 
"mono-lingual" Irish-Americans who needs help!!!


The translation is free and automatic:

Here is the unedited translation:
(I hope Tom doesn't mind my taking the 
liberty to machine-translate his work!)


Zope: (Z)open Zource Zoftware
by Tom Riedl 

If nowadays a software opens itself into the large, far world of
the Webs, then it must be able to offer more already some, in
order to be noticeable at all still, the, if it concerns a further
application of servers of application of Web. Zope is such a

Zope, which is for " Z Object Publishing Environment ", brings
already at first sight complete " Buzzword Compliance " with:
Simplified expressed (: -) it is more object-oriented, more data
base-based, persistence offering, Python based, script-expandable,
open-cSource-certified, rollable, versionable Web application
server, which can run both alone and and persistente GCI
APPLICATION under a Apache Webserver.

In Ernst: Outward Zope presents itself as Web server (or GCI
APPLICATION). A client (Browser) sends an inquiry there, and Zope
answers to it with an appropriate HTML output. On the inside
against it only the differences point themselves e.g. to a "
classical " structure of a Webs with files in directories
plus/minus a few GCI SKRIPTEN. Since Zope's are abilities in the
good one as extensive in the bad one rather and complex, I put in
the following more weight on a broad than a deep representation
(blows that, that me now with one " sees one " responds!).

Zope operates not (directly) with HTML files, but with hierarchies
of objects, thus objects, which can contain other objects and
methods. The URLs transferred by the client is interpreted in the
long run as paths by objects, their children and to their methods.
An example: With


Zope in the hospital (an object with various methods and Sub
objects) in the child station would dismiss the patient
mickey_mouse. It is times not clear only from where this method
comes: It could be available e.g. as " standard procedure " of the
hospital in the hospital object, or be regulated with the
patients: Zope looks dynamically for this in the object hierarchy
for a suitable method dismisses. This dynamic transmission was
called by the Zope creators Akuisition or acquisition. The
dismissal method can arrange then different things and produce to
good the latter a suitable message, which can be finally passed on
at the clients for representation, e.g. something like....

{More not translated}

*-------------end translation

As ZOPE continues to gain a world wide presence, This translator
can be used to translate ZDP - Zope Documentation to other 
languages.  (Not perfect, but understandable...)

-Bob OConnor bob@rocnet.com