[ZDP] Help wanted

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Fri, 21 May 1999 11:03:05 +0200

At 23:15 20/05/99 , Tom Deprez wrote:
>Hi Howard,
>  Hope you're better now. Still suffering with your health?
>  Q: Why would you use an SQL database for this? And not using the Zope
>structure. It's this what I'm interested of, the q'n of should I use an SQL
>database or just use Zope structure, helped with ZClasses... I know that it
>depends on what data you want to store. But this is sometimes not so
>obvious. Thinking on our knowledge base :

Well, for a start, right now you can't do efficient searches with ZClasses. 
I think the upcoming Catalog product will solve that. For now, SQL would be 
much better for searches.

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