[ZDP] Help wanted

Tom Deprez Tom.Deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri, 21 May 1999 17:50:30 +0200

>As I said, when you first asked, I said nothing, because I hoped someone with
>more experience on the murky development side of things would speak up and
>you a comparative response. In the absence of such, and since you seem to
>some info SOON, I jumped in with how I would do it with Zope and SQL.

Soon : 

yes, I need to find a good demo example very soon.

Today I gave a demonstration already.

But on 10 june,  I've to give a bigger demonstration....

(See Advice I and previous question)

(For this I would like the two approaches, SQL and ZCLASS. Somebody who
wants to help on the ZCLASS approach?)

And on the end of june ... I've to give a much, much, much BIGGER

If you've read Advice II in the Zope thread.... yep, for that I've to give
a small presentation...
(For this I hoped to choose the right decission, SQL or ZCLASS.....) It's a
demo, so using a beta release of Zope won't mind...