[ZDP] Printable version of Tom's version of ZBook

Tom Deprez Tom.Deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Fri, 21 May 1999 19:10:46 +0200

Hi Martijn,

<A HREF="<!--#var
tree-item-url-->?tree-s=<!--#var tree-s--><!--#if tree-e-->&tree-e=<!--#var
tree-e--><!--#/if--><!--#if tree-c-->&tree-c=<!--#var tree-c-->

What is all this? What does it do?

Next Question :

Is it possible to add such a little black banner (or footer) on the top
(like we can see on ZDP itself (I think it's done with Tinytable?) which
contains a link to the previous/next paragraph. And a link to the first
page of ZBook?