[ZDP] Distributed authoring test

Craig Allen cba@mediaone.net
Sun, 23 May 1999 19:07:12 -0400

Tom Deprez wrote:
> Nice work so far. How are the contributions going to be categorised? Or, is
> this just for giving the contributions, while others are going it to place
> in the correct place? What about allowing people to give comments on a
> contribution? ie. they liked it, or they found an error or a better
> solution, ...
Thanks.  If the components were placed at the top of a document hierarchy
(guide, for example) and a few modifications to existing items were made (like
deleting all index_html docs in subfolders, setting the unique_id seed as a
property of the top folder, etc.) then users would just navigate to the folder
where they wanted to contribute and then click the link to contribute.  

It would probably make sense to first do some enhancements to render
folder-specific introductory text on each index_html.

Comments to contributions would be great, maybe we could hack the Confera
code...  At this point an External Method looks intimidating to me.

> Q: Are you going to use ZClasses when they are out of beta...? Just to get
> an idea when and where people are going to use ZClasses.
Sounds like a good idea.  I think my approach is not very efficient, and a
database approach, maybe even with TinyTables or ZTables, would be better.  It
seems kind of silly to save a bunch of documents that are identical except for
their properties!  Maybe it's time for me to start learning about external
> ps. It didn't asked for a password. It just gave scrambled screen  with
> error messages.
Maybe you were already logged in to zdp.  Your document was saved.  Netscape
asks for a password.  I tried it on my wife's PC using IE5 and it never asked
for a password (which is a problem), just went to the "You are not authorized to
access manage_changeProperties" screen. 

- Craig
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