[ZDP] How to copy zope database?

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Mon, 24 May 1999 19:05:53 -0400

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> Hi,
> I thought I already asked this question, but since I can't 
> find it in the
> list, I guess I must have done something wrong :
> How can you copy a zope database (all the objects) or just a 
> partial branch
> (from a certain folder) to another PC, running Zope.

Copying the entire database simply involves copying the
INSTANCE_HOME/var/Data.bbb file from one Zope to another.  If you want
to preserve long running transactions (like Versions, the Objects
Formerly Know As Sessions)  copy the *.trans.* files also.

'Clipping' a folder from a Zope requires exporting it.  Go to the folder
you want to be the root of the clip, click the 'Import/Export' tab, and
give it a name, then export it.

Take the file it puts in your INSTANCE_HOME/var directory (it will be
called export.bbe) and put it in the INSTANCE_HOME/import, then go to
the *other* zope in the management interface where you want to 'graft'
the clip, and click 'Import/Export' type in the filename of the export,
then click import.



> ?
> Tom.
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