[ZDP] Re: [Zope] Demo site

Rik Hoekstra hoekstra@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Wed, 26 May 1999 22:09:51 +0001

> I'm having a little difficulty getting my head around this stuff.
> Is there source code for a demo site that implements frames, navigation
> bars etc.
> I tried looking to find the source for the online help but couldn't see
> how to get at it.

Try looking  at the Zope Document Project  site 
(http://zdp.zope.org). It has a Zbook with lots of 
navigation implemented. This also features a description of  
the implementation of the site 
(http://zdp.zope.org/guide/introduction/starting).It is currently  
under construction, but it might still be useful as it has code 


Rik Hoekstra