[ZDP] Update ZDP

Tom Deprez Tom.Deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu, 27 May 1999 18:24:33 +0200

Hi all,

To fullfill Martijn's whish :-), we've updated the ZDP once more.

From the home page, I've removed the link to guide, because I think nothing
is in there, only folders.

I've created a new tree in /guide, called ZBook.

At the start page a direct link goes to ZBook.

Modifications to ZBook will be done by using Versions.

Also updated the Turtorial in ZBook... have a look and send your opinions.
Thanks. However, style are still applied (don't know a better solution yet)
and because of the use of <pre></pre> tags, the page sometimes need to be
scrolled horizontally. (We need to use <pre></pre> because otherwise the
DTML code will become unreadable)

I think, we should think of a frames version of ZBook too. This can be
easely done, thanks to Zope's power :-). I leave this job to our technical
expert, Martijn (If you got time offcourse). This would help to make the
tree width smaller etc, if needed (if you get my point).

Regards, Tom.