[ZDP] Update ZDP

Howard Clinton Shaw III shawh@sths.org
Thu, 27 May 1999 12:13:42 -0500

On Thu, 27 May 1999, Tom Deprez wrote:
> Hi all,
> To fullfill Martijn's whish :-), we've updated the ZDP once more.
> >From the home page, I've removed the link to guide, because I think nothing
> is in there, only folders.
> I've created a new tree in /guide, called ZBook.
> At the start page a direct link goes to ZBook.
> Modifications to ZBook will be done by using Versions.
> Also updated the Turtorial in ZBook... have a look and send your opinions.
> Thanks. However, style are still applied (don't know a better solution yet)
> and because of the use of <pre></pre> tags, the page sometimes need to be
> scrolled horizontally. (We need to use <pre></pre> because otherwise the
> DTML code will become unreadable)
> I think, we should think of a frames version of ZBook too. This can be
> easely done, thanks to Zope's power :-). I leave this job to our technical
> expert, Martijn (If you got time offcourse). This would help to make the
> tree width smaller etc, if needed (if you get my point).
> Regards, Tom.
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Why not create an external method that takes the unparsed DTML or structured text and
uses regular expressions to replace the '<' and '>' characters with the escaped HTML versions - 
&lt; and &gt;? Then you wouldn't need to use <pre> tags, and it wouldn't expand beyond
all reasonable bounds.

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