[ZDP] Zope Features doc

Craig Allen cba@mediaone.net
Mon, 31 May 1999 10:22:51 -0400

> >and also many other Zope secrets which are well explained in the Zope
> >source code but are not available anywhere as documents.  wouldn't
> >covering these until-now-undocumented areas be a better use of
> >resources?
> [Tom]
> yes, this is a good idea. Dig ourselfs inside the source-code.

It's those undocumented secrets and info gleanable only from the source code
that are especially valuable for ZDP to publish, with examples, of course.  Zope
users should not have to hunt through Python source code for undocumented
methods and functions.
> Pfffw... it's quiet on the list these days.... is it vacation already? :-)

In USA it's the Memorial Day holiday today (Monday).  Businesses are closed.  It
has also been a splendid, warm weekend in Boston, at least.

- Craig
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