[ZDP] ZCL Revision

Dody Gunawinata dody_g@eles.com
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 17:28:30 +0100


We need to update ZCL again. I would post my Python and DTML-VAR sub
tree ZCL revision tomorrow. 

Rik (The new context chapter, if/else, in tags)
Kamon (security)

Let's talk about how we are going to manage the flow of information.



ZCL. Revision 4.

Chapter I (zdp/done)
      Introducing Zope 
      What is Zope? Is it a glance worthy? 
         I.1 Introduction 
         I.2. A Web Application Platform 
         I.3 Zope as a web application platform 
            I.3.1 Scripting Languages 
            I.3.2 Object Oriented Scripting Languages 
            I.3.3 Growing to a Web Application Platform 
         I.4 Looking at Zope 
         I.5 First impression 

+!!!! Zope against others??? (?/?)

Chapter II (zdp/done)
      The Power of Zope
      It's Zen, it's architecture, it's components
         II.1 Release the Power of Zope 
         II.2 Zen of Object Publishing 
            II.2.1 Object Publishing 
            II.2.2 Zen of Acquisition 
            II.2.3 Zen of Objects 
         II.3 Architecture 
         II.4 The Different Layers 
            II.4.1 Zope Server 
            II.4.2 Zope Publisher 
            II.4.3 Zope Object Request Broker 
            II.4.4 Zope Object Database 
         II.5. Zope's main components (briefly discussed) 
            II.5.1 Z Framework 
            II.5.2 Zope Templates 
            II.5.3 Zope Adaptors 
            II.5.4 Zope SQL Methods 

CHAPTER III : Let's get to business

III.1 Installation (step by step)
      Zope installation directory structure (Kamon/To be done)
      Important config files (Kamon/To be done)

      Platform Specific
III.1.2  Win 32  (Kamon/Draft2)
              - System requirements
              - Installing Zope
              - Running ZServer
              - Zope with IIS Integration
                    - Background on CGI, Persistent CGI and the likes*
                         - Setting up Zope with IIS using PCGI
                         - Setting up Zope with IIS using FastCGI
                - Virtual servers with Zope

III.1.3  Linux/Unix (Kamon/Draft0)
                - System requirements
                - Installing Zope
                - Running ZServer
              - Zope with Apache Integration
                    - Background on CGI, Persistent CGI and the
                         - Setting up Zope with Apache using PCGI
                         - Setting up Zope with Apache using FastCGI
                - Virtual servers with Zope

III.2 Briefs on the management console (Just simple) 
  - Creating Folders.
  - Inserting Image, File, DTML methods, DTML Documents.
  - Properties.
  - Undo.

III.3 Essential parts:
(Use only Zope2 style tags <dtml->)

  (this is the most important, and the largest)
  - <dtml- var>  
        - Introduction, Explaination (Limited), Pointer to ZQR.
        - Pass and use value over URL
                - Examples
        - Pass and use value by forms.
                - Examples
        - Pass and use cookies.
        - Inserting other files.
                - Get files information
        - Inserting image.
                - Get image information
        - Using special _ object.
        - Using structured text.
                - What is structured text.
                - Give example.
                - Refer to Structured text reference (ZQR in appendix).
        - Redirection

        (skip if beginner)
        - Call external methods
        - Accessing products.
  (for x in DTMLTags)
     What is X?
     How to use X?
     Any design tips for X?
     Exercise Projects (with answers)  

III.3.2 Storing data
  - ZODB3
        - From Python.
        - From Zope.

  - SQL server
        - ZSQL.
        - ODBC (largest user base)
                - Installing
                - Setting up connection.
                - Testings.
  - XML

III.4.3 ZClasses
  - The concept
  - The way
  - How to do it
  - Classes to extend 
        - Description
  - Files to watch

Chapter IV : More?!

IV.1 Python (Dody/Draft3)
  - Intro
  - Using the interpreter
  - Comment
  - Variables
  - If
  - While loop
  - List
  - For loop
  - Tuple
  - Functions
  - Module
  - Package
  - Dictionary
  - Classes
  - Inheritance
  - Exceptions
  - Multiple Inheritance
  - Pickle
  - Shelve
IV.2 External Methods
  - What is?
  - Creating External Methods
  - Using it
  - Discussions.
  - Exercise Projects (with answers)

IV.3 Products
  - How
  - Simple
  - Complex

Chapter V : 10.000 miles beneeth...

V.1 Zen of Zope components (big part!)
  - ZPublisher
  - ZWhatever.

V.2 Extending Zope
 - Add a new DTML tags into Zope.
 - Changing object storage

V.3 Performance, tweak, advice.
 - Scalability tests
 - Benchmark configuration

CHAPTER VI : Security, what you need to know...

VI.1 Zope security
     Authentication and user authorization with Zope (Kamon/Draft1)

     Authentication with Zope and IIS (Kamon/Draft1)
              - Background on IIS security
              - Setting up Zope security with IIS

     Authentication with Zope and Apache (Kamon/Draft0)
              - Background on Apache security
              - Setting up Authentication inside Zope
              - Setting up Authentication inside Apache

     Authentication with Zope and SSL (?/?)
              - Background on SSL security
              - Setting up Zope security with SSL

VI.2 Zope system administration
      Activity logging
      Backup and restoration
      Performance tuning

CHAPTER VII : Cutting Edge
   - XML-RPC (How-To of Amos)
   - Web-Dav
   - XMLWidgets

Appendix A

- ZQR (Zope Quick Reference)

Appendix B

- Internet Resources
  - Python
  - XML
  - WebDav.