[ZDP] Fwd: [Zope] O'Reilly to publish Zope Book

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom.deprez@village.uunet.be
Tue, 2 Nov 1999 19:50:27 +0100

I think that at ZDP, we can give a hand , or an arm, foot, leg :-)

Oh boy, too much publishers and nothing yet to show :-(

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> For all of you who decided that the Zope site is too crowded, here you go:
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> Subject: [Zope] O'Reilly to publish Zope Book
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> From: Michel Pelletier <michel@digicool.com>
> Greetings,
> I'm pleased to announce that Dan York, the Linuxcare Certification
> Program Manager, and myself, have come to an agreement with O'Reilly and
> Associates to author a Zope book.
> The book will be published under a not-yet agreed upon Open Content
> license.  This means that during the evolution of the book, you will be
> able to view and download the material for your own information needs.
> We hope that this also means you will kindly help point out mistakes or
> gaping holes in the material before it is printed by the publisher.  One
> of our goals is that this book will benefit from the same community
> involvement that has made Zope such a great success.
> Since before I started working at Digital Creations, I've had a Zope
> book in mind.  Of course, I wasn't the first to think of it; Paul and
> Hadar had in mind a 'Bobo Book' (Bobook?) for a while.  My original
> material was called 'The Zen of Zope' and was defiantly high-fiber,
> developer oriented material.
> I met Dan York at the LinuxExpo this year.  I gave him a tour through
> Zope and he showed me the kinds of things that Linuxcare was doing to
> support the linux community.  When he found out I was working on a book,
> he was interested immediately in co-authoring it.  Dan has published
> books with Que in the past, and is key in authoring training and
> certification materials for linux and linux courseware.  Dan and I began
> working on a 'new' outline to present to publishers.
> When we started talking to publishers, we realized that our outline was
> much too complex, and that what Zope really needed was a gentle
> introductory book.  Advanced or reference books may come later, but
> first there must be a simple, introductory book that will stand the test
> of time and multiple releases of Zope!  This is where Paul stepped in,
> he helped take our outline and bring it down to the level that it needs
> to be at.  I'm hoping that lots of community members will have a hand in
> the final product, even if their contribution is just a comment on the
> work.  Comments will be strongly encouraged!
> There is no set title or release date for the book.  It will not be any
> time soon, of course, and we will give everyone several months warning
> before publication time.  O'Reilly cannot take advanced orders for
> books, so please don't contact them with your credit-card in hand, the
> people on the order lines won't even know what your talking about. ;)
> -Michel
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