[ZDP] Fwd: [Zope] O'Reilly to publish Zope Book

Michel Pelletier michel@digicool.com
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 14:07:01 -0500

Tom Deprez wrote:
> I think that at ZDP, we can give a hand , or an arm, foot, leg :-)

I'm counting on it.
> Oh boy, too much publishers and nothing yet to show :-(

I think the ZDP should produce a seperate book by a different
publisher.  The more Zope books, the better.  The O'Reilly book is
planned to be introductory and tutorial oriented, perhaps it would be
good for a second book to cover more advanced topics, or specificly
aimed toward a certain advanced task, like web application programming. 
The existing references, how-tos, and guides can be great filler
material for a book like this.

If New Riders publishes a second Zope book, I have volunteered to be a
reviewer for the material.  If the ZDP chooses to write this book
(better jump on it soon before someone else does!) then I will happilly
contribute a few hours of my time every week to review technical