[ZDP] Fwd: [Zope] O'Reilly to publish Zope Book

Dody Gunawinata dody_g@eles.com
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 08:55:15 +0100

> > > Oh boy, too much publishers and nothing yet to show :-(
> >
> > I think the ZDP should produce a seperate book by a different
> > publisher.  The more Zope books, the better.  The O'Reilly book is
> > planned to be introductory and tutorial oriented, perhaps it would be
> > good for a second book to cover more advanced topics, or specificly
> > aimed toward a certain advanced task, like web application programming.
> > The existing references, how-tos, and guides can be great filler
> > material for a book like this.
> >

Life is interesting, isn't it ? :)

This does change the landscape of things. ZBook was going to be an zope
dummy kind of book, but as you are going 
to publish the book under an open license, it's kindda duplication.
Yeah, writing a more advance topics are more *interesting* :)
But still, it depends on the rest of the team.

> > If New Riders publishes a second Zope book, I have volunteered to be a
> > reviewer for the material.  If the ZDP chooses to write this book
> > (better jump on it soon before someone else does!) then I will happilly
> > contribute a few hours of my time every week to review technical
> > accuracy.
> >
> I don't think ZDP (at least I) is going to miss this chance.
> I agree, we've to talk to a publisher. The problem at the moment is the
> person who's going to be the 'middle' man.

Tom, rather than waiting for someone, how about you to become the ZDP
middle man !! Just do it. It's just a matter of communication.

> And the stuff we've right now. That's not much!

Not much, but it's already in the works.


> (I don't know, if we've to wait for chosing the 'middle' man, before we've
> some more stuff. I think it's this person task to provide the publisher with
> the information we have now and the goal. After they agree what will be in
> or not, it's his/her task to bring the results to ZDP and try to devide the
> tasks)
> Great that you're willing to be a reviewer! Thanks for the support.
> This helps us already someway further
> Tom.
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