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Tom Deprez tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 11:06:56 +0100

Ok, I replied to Jim.

About 'middle' man. Well, the problem is that this person has lots of
responsibility. What if he accepts a certain publisher and the deal is
made, then after a while, nobody wants to write anymore! Duh! He/She's the
peanut! He or She can start writing the whole book!

That's why I said, I only want to be this person, when I'm sure, people at
the moment are certain to help ZBook grow in the future (ie. I need to be
sure, they have some free time to do this work!). Otherwise we've wasted
all of our times, the publishers and ours.

Ute, already contacted New Riders (I think). What are the results Ute?

At 10:42 03/11/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>> At 23:06 02/11/99 , Jim Sumser wrote:
>> >If anyone is interested in writing a book on Zope, please contact me at
>> >650-654-7110 or jsumser@idgbooks.com.
>> >Thanks
>> >Jim Sumser
>> (I didn't reply to Jim, this is intended for the list).
>> Can someone maybe email this man and explain what the current status is
>> with New Riders? I've got the impression that Jim Sumser is not reading
>> this list and is wondering why he didn't get a reply the last time.
>It seems so :) This publishing deal does seems to make us a bit
>sensitive to each other. Now we wait if others agree with us before we
>begin doing something. Before, we just do it, and the hell with the
>consequences :)..Do first and explain later..
>So Tom, about the 'middle man'... :)
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