[ZDP] Réf. : [ZDP] About Michel posting

Rik Hoekstra hoekstra@fsw.LeidenUniv.nl
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 12:01:47 +0100

> > Now, I suppose we have to alter ZCL for ZBook to address more advanced
> > stuff.
> > But I hope there would not be too many things removed from the current
> > version.
> I'd say let's keep the basic stuff in. Let us continue the project where
> it is taking us now, and not suddenly turn it all around. Two
> introductory books is not too little for something like Zope! Of course
> we should keep our eyes open for the potential of diversification
> between the books. This won't be too hard given the 'open' nature of
> both books; we can look at each other.

Maybe Michel could also comment on what he thinks how ZBook and his book
relate to each other. DC is a bit vague and inconsistent on that as far as
I'm concerned.
For the time being, let's stick with our plans, and try and get them out
quickly. Perhaps move the accent towards examples, and also present them in
downloadable format, so that people have a sort of 'Zope-recipes' at hand.
Perhaps we should make ZBook (also) an interactive Zope tutorial in Zope.

I propose to elaborate my contribution of last week (DTML and Zope contexts)
a chapter of some sorts that would be called 'changing Zope contexts' -
covering factoring out common elements, acquisition (and
its limitations) and the relationship between authorization and acquisition
(as far as I understand that myself). I feel (as Martijn also remarked) this
the part in Zope people have most difficulties with, and that an integrated
treatment of the subjects.
Dody and I agree that the overlap with other parts of the ZBook will do no
harm, as it treats the same subjects from different points of view.