[ZDP] The 'central person' question

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Thu, 04 Nov 1999 00:03:45 +1100

Heck, if you don't want to have a "central person" who co-ordinates
things, it could make the publishers get a little strange - who will
they pay royalties to? One solution could be to get them to send the
royalties into the Python Consortium...

the-filth-ly y'rs,

(who needs to finish off a couple of tutorials).

>>> Rik Hoekstra wrote
> >Hi everybody,
> >
> > I was just thining. This whole 'central person' issue has been more or
> > less forced upon us by the publishers. Although the ZDP always had
> > someone who took on the role of spokesperson and tried to keep the
> > discussion going (it was me for a while, we've had Stephan, now Tom,
> > others contributed here too), it was never necessary to define it so
> > well.
> Right
> >
> > Perhaps for now we should keep it that way. If any individual is
> > *suited* to be that kind of person, that will become evident
> > automatically. If the publishers complain; we're not into this for a
> > published book, we're just into this to write documentation. Of course a
> > published book would be nice. Perhaps the publishers will talk to
> > individual ZDP members and try to do deals with them. That's fine too,
> > really. We're making ZBook, our copyright is shared, so we always get
> > the credit for what we write anyway if we use the Open Publication
> > license.
> Yep
> >
> > So let's just continue with what we're doing and let things progress as
> > they do for now. A spokesperson can talk to the publishers for us.
> > Explain to the publishers why we're like this (we're ad hoc and
> > anarchistic!), that we can't commit easily right now because of this.
> > Then let's see what happens.
> >
> > This may be a dumb idea, but I'm just throwing it into the group to see
> > what people think.
> >
> I like it. It will probably be hard anyway to get a full commitment from
> someone to be spokesman for a longer period of time unless that someone has
> something at stake.
> And anyway as the whole ZDP this is voluntary effort put into documentation
> by us, we can only make promises and there could be no more than moral
> sanctions if we do not comply with them.
> Let's keep our comfortable anarchism then and agree about some practices in
> contributing and abide by those 'rules'.
> anarchistically-yours
> Rik
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