[ZDP] Zope installation directory structure - draft 1

Martijn Faassen m.faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 14:46:23 +0100

kamon.ayeva@bureauveritas.com wrote:
>    Here is an overview of the Zope directory structure after installation:
> bin       Binary files

Perhaps point out what these do/are for.
> doc       Documentation

Explain what docs are on installation issues here, I'd say.

> inst      Compile, build and installation scripts (Python)

This of course would need some explanation in the installation guide.
> lib/python     Zope Python library
>           - - Is it usefull to detail the subdirectories ?

Yes, though not for the installation part. It would be very useful to
have a guide of what each Zope source dir is for. Through navigating
around it a lot I've gotten some feel for what some parts do.

Also, the lib/python/Products directly is special. If you deal with
installing products, you need to mention this one.
> lib/python1.5  Zope Python 1.5 library
>           - - Is it usefull to detail the subdirectories ?

This is just plain Python, refer people to the Python library reference
and other documentation.
> pcgi      PCGI support directory
> pcgi/Win32     PCGI Win32 support directory
> utilities      Utilities files

Explain what each does, I'd say.
> var       Zope data directory

Explain what each file in it is for, I imagine.
> var/Gadfly     Gadfly connection files ???

I think this contains Gadfly databases.
> ZServer/medusa      Medusa program files
> ZServer/pubcore     ????
>    You will have to create the following ones yourself for advanced Zope
>    development:
> Extensions
> Import
>    The following files are important for Zope configuration and daily work:
> access         Zope management access control file (See following section
> XXX)
> Zope.cgi  Zope PCGI information file (See following section XXX)
> Z2.py          ZServer python program
> start          Zope unix startup program
> stop      Zope unix shutdown program
> var/Data.fs    Primary Zope Object Database file (See section XXX)
> etc...
> Comments - Other info - Suggestions welcome.

What exactly was the purpose of this listing again? Should it contain
descriptions of what each dir/file does? Is it aimed at people
installing things, or also aimed at people trying to figure out the
source structure of Zope? Perhaps the Zope Quick Reference people are
interested in making a reference for this too.