[ZDP] Zope installation directory structure - draft 1

Thilo Mezger thilo@gonzo.innominate.local
3 Nov 1999 14:27:27 GMT

kamon.ayeva@bureauveritas.com wrote:

> Comments - Other info - Suggestions welcome.

i would rather call this the zope _source_ directory structure because
this is what the unpacked sources look like.

for the future, i think it would be highly recommended to develop a
new directory layout that is more common on e.g. unix machines.

jeff rush did a very good job with his rpm-packages spreading files
across the file-system to where they belong (/var/zope, /etc/rc* etc.)
and it would be nice if the zope community could agree on a structure
(more or less).  jeff's approach is not 100% satisfying for me yet but
i just wanted to use this posting to point out the necessity for a
proper zope directory structure again...

Comments - Other info - Suggestions welcome.


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