[ZDP] [meta] Re: [ZDP] The 'central person' question

Dody Gunawinata dody_g@eles.com
Wed, 03 Nov 1999 16:10:06 +0100

> Let's start distinguishing this discussion between [meta] and [content].
> The [content] discussions are the most important of course, so what am I
> doing here? :)

Yes, that means ZCL..But, the ZBook people needs to talk with the ZQR
people..as far as content goes,
both are complementary..

Rik is writing the context topic..In my opinion one of the more
part of ZBook that needs to be written..I think he'd appreciate any
input on how to approach this quirk
of Zope

> > As for the spokesperson to the publisher, I'm still incline to have Tom
> > do it..he's been doing the "bossy" stuff for a while, this function
> > would just an extension of that..
> Yes, let's Tom do it. Tom will also decide we're using the open content
> license for everything we write, with the option 'publishers need to
> check with us to get permission for publishing' checked. Right, Tom?
> This license discussion isn't progressing any further and it looks like
> nobody is protesting against that choice, so let's put that up on our
> website somewhere. If we do, I can adapt the mailing list welcome
> message and such to point to the license we're working with.
count me in for that.

> Regards,
> Martijn
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