[ZDP] Zope Context

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 09:38:42 +0100

At 09:12 04/11/1999 +0100, Dody Gunawinata wrote:
>> I propose to elaborate my contribution of last week (DTML and Zope
>> into
>> a chapter of some sorts that would be called 'changing Zope contexts' -
>> covering factoring out common elements, acquisition (and
>> its limitations) and the relationship between authorization and acquisition
>> (as far as I understand that myself). I feel (as Martijn also remarked)
>> is
>> the part in Zope people have most difficulties with, and that an integrated
>> treatment of the subjects.
>One thing that I think is missing from our discussion about ZCL. Do we
>assume that the reader has already known about the "administration" part
>of Zope ? How about the knowledge about what a folder is, what is a
>properties, how to set them up, etc. The non "direct-coding" part.
>Should we rely that on the Zope Administrator Guide ? What is a
>folderish object ? What's a folder ?
>These are especially important when we are talking about the Zope
I think we should make a chapter for these... I started on some of these,
see chapter II of ZBook. And in my old Zope website, I've some more. 
I'll drop these as soon as I'm back at my home.