[ZDP] RFD: "Zope Snippets"

Anthony Baxter anthony@interlink.com.au
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 19:57:53 +1100

I was just looking around, and I can't see anything on the Zope
site for storing those little snippets of code that are just a little
big for a tip, but a lot smaller than a how-to. Something like:

    If you hijack a form (e.g. to gather auth info) you can
    pass through the values that were passed using the following:

    <form action="blah">
    <!-- blah   blah    blah...  -->

    <!--#in "REQUEST.form.keys()"-->
    <input type="hidden" name="<!--#var sequence-item-->" 
    value="<!--#var "REQUEST.form[_['sequence-item']]" html_quote-->">

    <!-- blah   blah    blah...  -->

    It won't preserve the types of the objects, unfortunately.

Is it worth considering something in ZDP for storing these useful little
nuggets of code? They're not _really_ a pattern in the strictest sense
of the word, more just a little "way to do something".

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