[ZDP] Not receiving list posts!

Martijn Faassen m.faassen@vet.uu.nl
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 10:57:18 +0100

Ute Methner wrote:
> Just thought I'd let you all know that the last time I received a
> posting from ZDP was last week Thursday... I had been wondering why
> it suddenly had become so quiet. So, I am WAY behind the latest
> developments with Zbook...

Ah, lots of discussion going on. I wonder what happened -- perhaps your
server bounced; mailman sometimes turns off sending mail if the messages
bounce a lot. I'll take a look (being co list administrator with Ken
Manheimer). [looks] It looks all right now.

> Off I go to resubscribe to ZDP! ... writes _she_ with a grin.

Ah, so it's not a secret after all. :)