[ZDP] RFD: "Zope Snippets"

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <anthony@interlink.com.au>
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 21:09:18 +1100

>>> Martijn Faassen wrote
> This is getting close to a HOWTO, I imagine, but some text describing
> what it does and how it does it would be nice. The focus here should be
> on the DTML code (or possibly Python code), though. What would be nice
> is 'instant demos'. That is, you have a code snippet, a demo
> demonstrating it, and an explanation/description. The demos are what
> sucks a lot of people in.

something like that is really a much larger thing - it's more of a 
tutorial-in-a-box. This is also a useful thing, of course, and something
that should be considered.

What I'm thinking is more the "small piece of code" thing - by itself 
it would be almost entirely useless, and to turn it into a full DTML
page or two would possibly diminish it's impact. 

What I'm thinking right now:

Attribute     What
Title         Duh
Author        Duh
Code          The body of the code. Rendered in <pre> tags.
Explanation   Some text discussing the code.
Keywords      Chosen from a list

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