[ZDP] RFD: "Zope Snippets"

Anthony Baxter Anthony Baxter <anthony@interlink.com.au>
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 23:15:53 +1100

>>> Tom Deprez wrote

> >Attribute     What
> >Title         Duh
> >Author        Duh
> >Code          The body of the code. Rendered in <pre> tags.
> >Explanation   Some text discussing the code.
> >Keywords      Chosen from a list
> >
> This is good! Let's start with this... later we can extend these snippets
> with more example/tutorial information. 

*nod* I'll whip up a little ZClass to do it.

> However, I'm a little bit afraid of the <pre> tag. Zope-code can sometimes
> become very long.... when using the <pre> tag -> lot's of problems!

That's then a matter of the person entering the code snippet entering
it with line breaks, surely?

Not using <pre> means a whole lot of additional pain...

> Is my assumption correct, when you mean with keywords, words on which it's
> searchable/filterable?

Or used for some sort of browse index.

> Perhaps it good to have more then one keyword list. eg. a listbox for
> intented OS, listbox for Zope version and listbox the code itself.

I'll do a first cut, then we can refine it.

The obvious source for a lot of snippets is the Zope list archives. 
Trawling these will be fun :-/