[ZDP] Re: Zope installation tree reference

Stephan Richter srichter@cbu.edu
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 11:37:57 -0600

<xml> ... 

<file name="Zope" type="directory">
   <description>This is the main directory.</description>
    <file name="bin" type="directory">
       <description>The directory where all the binaries are stored. Usually
          contains only python executable</description>
         <file name="python" type="file">
           <description>The python executable</description>
           <attribute level="user">executable</attribute>

That's it pretty much. attributes can also be used for directories of course.
They are just an example of how to add other tags. Make the file rendering
recursive, so it searches contains all the time. "contains" is of course not
mandatory. That should be not too hard to set up and would be a great resource,
especially if you make use of the tree tag like in the ZQR.


Stephan Richter
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