[ZDP] New ZDP homepage uploaded

Ute Methner ute@idirect.com
Sat, 06 Nov 1999 13:04:30 -0600

I've (finally) uploaded the new homepage. Please let me know if you find
any omissions, mistakes, etc. I've checked all links and email
addresses, and they were working.

If you have any links you want to add for programmers, designers,
etc. please add them or let me know, and I'll add them.

Any other suggestions are also welcome.

Savvas: I don't like the 'top' things on the page. Can you design a 
replacement for it?  An arrow or something that fits in with the
general design and feel of the page. If you can think of any other
improvements, such as better heading fonts, please just make the
Ute Methner
Grimsby ON Canada