[ZDP] Title suggestions for Zbook

Ute Methner ute@idirect.com
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 13:05:56 -0600

Martijn wrote: 
<snip> I'd say let's not spend too much time figuring out the title now
-- is
> it required? We know what the book is about, and we can keep calling in
> ZBook for now (or forever). </snip>

and Michel wrote:
><snip>Yes, I would hold off on the title.  Further, a publisher is going to
>want to help you with this, they possibly have specific brands of books
>that they may want to 'fit' your work into (like, "Learn Zope in 24
>hours", "Zope for dummies") etc...</snip>

and this discussion was started because New Riders wrote on Wed Nov 03: 


>I've been following the zdp list discussion, but I was wondering if you'd
>like to start an separate discussion concerning a possible Zope title.


>Laurie Petrycki
>Executive Editor

Ute Methner
Grimsby ON Canada