[ZDP] Title suggestions for Zbook

Hoekstra Hoekstra@fsw.LeidenUniv.nl
Mon, 08 Nov 1999 22:26:49 +0100

>> I agree to stop thinking about titles, though I hate titles like
>> that. Now your all free to say that's because I'm in the dummy target
>> group :-) If we have more interested publishers, couldn't we select
>> one without a stupid titles series?
>Rik, ZDP can choose any title they wish.

I know, just kidding :-)

>Now about the stupid titles, here I seems to me that everyone is
>refering to the list of possible titles I had originally posted:
>those titles represented a cross-section of the type of comp titles
>I saw at amazon.com. I posted them for your information, perhaps for
>inspiration, and for constructive feedback. That was all :-)

OK, no offense meant at all. I think your title suggestions were good, and I'm 
sure publishers have all sorts of good (marketing) reasons to adopt the dummy 
and 24 hours and whatever titles. Still, that's no reason to like them (or to 
keep silent about the dislike) and many introductory programming/web books get 
titles like that, so that's why.

(BTW I _did_ give some constructive feedback, or at least proposed some 8 
other titles)