[ZDP] problems

Stephan Richter srichter@cbu.edu
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 16:14:56 -0600

On Mon, 08 Nov 1999, Ute Methner wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
> > 
> > Both is fine with me; we'll support Ute if she wants to go ahead with
> > this. We'll also find someone to do the ZDP Weekly News.
> I am afraid I don't have the time right now to take on more
> responsibilities.
Neee, no more responsibilities. Don't forget, we have our anarchy here.
Everyone does as much as s/he has time for. 
We need to find an active member (not me since I am busy --> just got a job
besides school) that will write the weekly news. Anyone out there? 
Well, I could help collecting things for the news though. :)

Tom, I hope you will do well and we will talk to you when you come back
(hopefully soon).


Stephan Richter
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