Patrick Phalen pphalen@teleo.net
Mon, 8 Nov 1999 14:23:54 -0800

[Martijn Faassen, on Mon, 08 Nov 1999]:
:: Patrick Phalen wrote:
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:: > I forget whether FAQs are part of the ZDP plans ...
:: > 
:: > Thought someone might find this interesting:
:: > 
:: > http://www.faq.org/qaml/
:: > 
:: > QAML is a new language created using XML. The purpose of QAML is to
:: > provide a more specific format for documents dealing with questions and
:: > answers. In particular QAML is meant for FAQs, or Frequently Asked
:: > Questions. QAML was originally meant to be a broader language, but we
:: > have decided to focus it specifically on FAQs. We are programming a CGI
:: > which will format QAML documents and convert them to HTML, so it will
:: > be possible to implement QAML without having to worry about when XML
:: > browsers are commonplace.
:: Cool! Unfortunately the link isn't working for me.

Hmmm. Works for me.

I understand that a lot of Web sites have begun to block requests from
clients in domains having the "NL" suffix, under the mistaken belief
that it stands for "Newsgroup Loiterers."  ;)