[ZDP] FW: [Zope] "Front door" topic

Rik Hoekstra hoekstra@fsw.LeidenUniv.nl
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 09:54:53 +0100

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> At 09:11 10/11/99 , Rik Hoekstra wrote:
> >Wouldn't it be a good idea to enclose this somewhere in Zbook as well?
> >Perhaps together with the Zope schema from the DC tutorial? If
> you think it
> >is, we have to ask Evan Simpson for permission of course.
> >
> >Rik
> I have an updated version of the schema in Macromedia Fireworks. It just
> looks a bit better, and I only will have to add FastCGI.

Would you show it to us?. Such a schema is _very_ handy thing to explain
things with (at least I think so).