[ZDP] FW: [Zope] "Front door" topic

Martijn Pieters mj@antraciet.nl
Wed, 10 Nov 1999 18:02:58 +0100

At 17:13 10/11/99 , Tom Deprez wrote:
> >Tom,
> >
> >I know, your chapters are good, don't throw them out. It's just that Evan's
> >description is short and very to the point, that I thought that together
> >with Martijn's pictures perhaps we could make a one page zope summary or
> >something. Or a Zope reference sheet, separate from, but belonging to ZBook.
>ah, in that way. I thought to rewrite some parts of these chapters with
>this information. Yeah, Perhaps a good idea to make such a Zope reference
>Martijn's pictures are great! Pehaps we can use these kind of graphs for
>the whole ZBook? Perhaps, we can replace the once in ZBook with newer
>ones... Martijn is this possible? Which tool did you use?

Yes, you can use the picture. It is made in Macromedia Fireworks, based 
upon the original Digital Creations picture, in a colour scheme that fitted 
with the presentation slides.

If you are going to use this style, sommeone else will have to build the 
pictures, because can not, unfortunately, spend much time on anything right 
now. I'll also be away the coming few days, unless I get access to some 
email system

The original source document can be acquired from:


(Sorry Martijn, just have to have things finished off before I fly out 

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