[ZDP] Outline of style guide

Hoekstra Hoekstra@fsw.LeidenUniv.nl
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 09:40:39 +0100

>===== Original Message From Ute Methner <ute@idirect.com> =====
>Thank you for your feedback, Rik.
>My negligence, I should have pointed out on my previous email the
>philosopy behind the decisions I made in setting up this style guide.
>The style guide content I posted is an outline of the types of topics
>that will be covered in the guide. The style guide covers both online
>and hardcopy versions of Zbook. Where applicable, the guidelines for
>the online and for the hardcopy version will be explained in individual
>sub-sections of each topic and will appear as such in the table of

Ah, good, that wasn't clear to me.

>My choice of arranging the guidelines by topic rather than online
>vs hardcopy is to make it easier to find information and to keep
>the size of the style guide manageable. If you look at the
>Production section of the guide, you will see that content structure
>for online and for hardcopy documents will be individually
>addressed in the style guide.

Ok, I agree, just wanted to make sure nothing was left out accidentally.

>I am also considering posting the style guide in pdf as well as html

You could use Pavlos Christoforou's pdfDocument (on the zope site); it will 
give a pdf representation of HTML. Don't think it's on the zdp site yet, 

>Regarding, electronic indexes, auto indexing software for HTML exists,
>but I haven't yet had the time to investigate it. It's on my TODO
>list :-)

What about ZCatalog? This will do much for your indexing, is flexibly 
queryable (is this English?), or representable, if you wish, _and_ it comes 
with zope out of the box.