Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom.deprez@village.uunet.be
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 21:11:35 +0100

Hi all,

Since not much changes at ZDP site itself were done, I'll work on this the
next few weeks.
I'll try to make some classes to make our life easier and I'll try to change
the view of ZDP.
Meanwhile, you've to pardon me, but I'll not have the time to read all
drafts published on the ZDP. So sorry, no input from me at these for the
moment. I hope you all don't mind.

Still, I hope that the effort I'm putting in the next weeks is still
appreciated and that there are still some workers on the ZDP. I'm going to
try to make the ZDP site a little bit fancier, so I hope also a bit more
attractive... so that more people are going to help us.

Please, if possible, send me an update of what you're doing at the moment.
Just send me a mail with your name and task you do at the moment.

Tom Deprez : Updating ZDP
Kamon : Draft working on Access control
Ute : Working on style guide
Rik : Draft - changing contents in Zope
?? : editing draft according style guide and making it ready to
?? : reading draft
Martijn Pieters: Looking forward to a well deserved (I think :-))  vacation
?? : still interested, but to much work at the moment.

In the future I'll try to make something that this can be updated on the

Regards, Tom.