[ZDP] Learning DTML - an addition to ZBook

kamon ayeva kayeva@hotmail.com
Mon, 03 Apr 2000 18:47:33 GMT

>From: Eron Lloyd <woodsage@op.net>
>Hey hey hey! Ok, I've decided to work on a thorough study of DTML, and
>add it to ZBook. I don't know how well it will flow at first, but that's
>the beauty of write, edit, rewrite, revise :-) Anybody that wants to
>look at what I wrote feel free to contact me. Currently, I've come up
>with somewhat of a structure:

Good, there's work to do.
You might want to check ZCL first and what Dody has written so far. I am not 
sure he is still active on the list, so it's a good opportunity for you to 
continue his work.


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