[ZDP] Learning DTML - an addition to ZBook

Rik Hoekstra rik.hoekstra@inghist.nl
Tue, 04 Apr 2000 10:06:58 +0200

Eron Lloyd wrote:
> Hey hey hey! Ok, I've decided to work on a thorough study of DTML, and
> add it to ZBook. I don't know how well it will flow at first, but that's
> the beauty of write, edit, rewrite, revise :-) Anybody that wants to
> look at what I wrote feel free to contact me. Currently, I've come up
> with somewhat of a structure:

Structure looks ok, but see Kamon's mail.

One other thing: could you please add any snippets of dtml code to the
ZSnippets, also at the ZDP site. In this way they are also available for
use for other purposes and for people who do not want to work through
your text, but who are just looking for examples to work with.