[ZDP] guidelines

Tom Deprez tom.deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Tue, 04 Apr 2000 13:13:43 +0200


I'm working on the guidelines for publishing a draft in ZBook. Please read
the following very quickly written draft. Add some comments with it and
replace the ?-marks with the correct answer. Thanks!

Contributing to ZBook

Here follows some guidelines to succesfully add a draft to ZBook.


* You know the basics of the Zope web-interface. i.e. You know how to
add/edit objects in Zope.
* You are a member of ZDP and thus have a login and password to ZDP.



The ZCL is the framework of ZBook. ZCL is in fact the future of ZBook, it
describes which chapters will be included.
If you want to contribute to ZBook, please look at the ZCL. Here you'll
find the chapters of ZBook and their place in the hierarchy.
ZCL is also the place where ZBook is being discussed. Do you want a certain
chapter included in ZBook, then propose it to the ZCL.


ZBook tries to mimic the ZCL. One day, they both will look the same with
the difference of course that ZBook not only contains chapter-titles, but
also content.
(This also means that ZDP has to start with a new book :-) )
If you're not certain where a certain draft has to be placed in ZBook,
you'll probably find the right answer in the ZCL.

ZBook consists of several classes. Most likely you'll only work with some
of the classes frequently.
ZBook is a hierarchy on itself, with 'folder' classes which can contain
other 'folder' and 'non-folder' classes.
The 'root' of ZBook is the 'Book-Class'. The 'Book-Class' contains
'Part-Classes' which on their turn contain 'Chapter-Classes'.
The contents of a 'Chapter-Class' varies. It can either contain
'Chapter-Classes' or a 'DraftSubmissionFolder-Class' and/or a

Thus putting this in a schematical view, we get this :


Mostly, we'll only have to work with the last three classes, for now...
until we start with ZBook Advanced, of course!

Publishing a Draft

Adding a Chapter

If you follow the ZCL -which is recommended-, then it's almost certain that
the Chapter you're writing for already exists ZBook's hierarchy.
If this is so, than you can just skip this paragraph.

If it doesn't exists, you've to create it. To do so, browse to the lowest
level -that you can- in the Zope hierarchy. 
This is the 'Part' -or a 'Chapter' in which you're 'Chapter' will be part of.
At this level, add a 'Chapter' object. Fill in the properties Zope will ask
you to do so.
All the properties are commented, so you'll know for what they are going to
be used. You're totally free to fill in these properties to your own will,
however we ask
you to follow the following guideline :

	ChapterID: Use a short title description (spaces-excluded) of the
                   eg 'Zope's Object Publishing' becomes 'ObjectPublishing'

Adding a DraftSubmissionFolder

If you add a new chapter, you also have to add a 'DraftSubmissionFolder'.
This folder will hold all drafts concerning this chapter.

In the chapter, you add a 'DraftSubmissionFolder' object. Again, a form
will guide you through the properties which Zope asks you to fill in.
Please, try to follow the following guideline:

	DraftSubmissionFolderID: ???

Adding a CommentFolder

If you want people to be able to add comments, you'll have to add a
'CommentFolder' to this chapter.
As the name of the class says, this folder will hold all comments for this

To do so, in the chapter, add a 'CommentFolder' object. Again, a form will
guide you through the properties which Zope asks you to fill in.
Please, try to follow the following guideline:

	CommentFolderID: ???

Adding a Draft

For adding a draft, browse to the Chapter in which the draft will reside. 
Go to the 'DraftSubmissionFolder', which should exist by now. (If not, go
to Adding a DraftSubmissionFolder)

In the DraftSubmissionFolder add a 'Draft' object. Again, a form will guide
you through the properties which Zope asks you to fill in.
Please, try to follow the following guideline:

	DraftID: ???


You can change the abstract of the Draft object by going to the 'DraftInfo'
view of a Draft object.

Special properties

All classes in ZDP, contain 'special' properties. You can change them by
entering the 'EditInfo view'.

NeedsReaders		If set to 1, the content is viewable
NeedsCommenters         If set to 1, the content can be commented
NeedsWriters            If set to 1, ZDP needs people who want to write on
the topic
NeedsReviewers          If set to 1, the contents need to be reviewed
NeedsApprovers          If set to 1, the contents need to be approved
NeedsMaintainers        If set to 1, ZDP needs a person who wants to
maintain the content
type                    Shows the type of the object. In our case it can be
a Book, Part, Chapter, DraftSubmissionFolder, CommentFolder, Draft, Comment			
category 		?
keyword                 ?                                             
Maintainer              Displays the ZDP member which maintains the
nickname                Shows nickname of object
name                    Shows name of object                   
content_type            Shows how the content of the object has to be
categories              ?
contextorder		?