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Wed, 05 Apr 2000 09:13:34 GMT

Hi Tom,

See my comments...
>Contributing to ZBook
>Here follows some guidelines to succesfully add a draft to ZBook.
>* You know the basics of the Zope web-interface. i.e. You know how to
>add/edit objects in Zope.
>* You are a member of ZDP and thus have a login and password to ZDP.
>The ZCL is the framework of ZBook. ZCL is in fact the future of ZBook, it
>describes which chapters will be included.
>If you want to contribute to ZBook, please look at the ZCL. Here you'll
>find the chapters of ZBook and their place in the hierarchy.
>ZCL is also the place where ZBook is being discussed. Do you want a certain
>chapter included in ZBook, then propose it to the ZCL.
>ZBook tries to mimic the ZCL. One day, they both will look the same with
>the difference of course that ZBook not only contains chapter-titles, but
>also content.
>(This also means that ZDP has to start with a new book :-) )
>If you're not certain where a certain draft has to be placed in ZBook,
>you'll probably find the right answer in the ZCL.
>ZBook consists of several classes. Most likely you'll only work with some
>of the classes frequently.
>ZBook is a hierarchy on itself, with 'folder' classes which can contain
>other 'folder' and 'non-folder' classes.
>The 'root' of ZBook is the 'Book-Class'. The 'Book-Class' contains
>'Part-Classes' which on their turn contain 'Chapter-Classes'.
>The contents of a 'Chapter-Class' varies. It can either contain
>'Chapter-Classes' or a 'DraftSubmissionFolder-Class' and/or a

Here the Content provider is not necessarily a full techie (even if in 
reality we are all interested by the technical aspects). I propose to 
replace the term "class" by "template" which talks better to most people.

>Thus putting this in a schematical view, we get this :
>   Part
>     Chapter
>       (Chapter)
>       CommentFolder
>       DraftSubmissionFolder
>Mostly, we'll only have to work with the last three classes, for now...
>until we start with ZBook Advanced, of course!
>Publishing a Draft
>Adding a Chapter
>If you follow the ZCL -which is recommended-, then it's almost certain that
>the Chapter you're writing for already exists ZBook's hierarchy.
>If this is so, than you can just skip this paragraph.
>If it doesn't exists, you've to create it. To do so, browse to the lowest
>level -that you can- in the Zope hierarchy.
>This is the 'Part' -or a 'Chapter' in which you're 'Chapter' will be part 
>At this level, add a 'Chapter' object. Fill in the properties Zope will ask
>you to do so.
>All the properties are commented, so you'll know for what they are going to
>be used. You're totally free to fill in these properties to your own will,
>however we ask
>you to follow the following guideline :
>	ChapterID: Use a short title description (spaces-excluded) of the
>                    eg 'Zope's Object Publishing' becomes 
>Adding a DraftSubmissionFolder
>If you add a new chapter, you also have to add a 'DraftSubmissionFolder'.
>This folder will hold all drafts concerning this chapter.
>In the chapter, you add a 'DraftSubmissionFolder' object. Again, a form
>will guide you through the properties which Zope asks you to fill in.
>Please, try to follow the following guideline:
>	DraftSubmissionFolderID: ???

I used to just put "Drafts" as the ID, the name and the nickname.

>Adding a CommentFolder
>If you want people to be able to add comments, you'll have to add a
>'CommentFolder' to this chapter.
>As the name of the class says, this folder will hold all comments for this
>To do so, in the chapter, add a 'CommentFolder' object. Again, a form will
>guide you through the properties which Zope asks you to fill in.
>Please, try to follow the following guideline:
>	CommentFolderID: ???

I would put "short/contracted description of the comment" but I am not sure 
if it is the best.

>Adding a Draft
>For adding a draft, browse to the Chapter in which the draft will reside.
>Go to the 'DraftSubmissionFolder', which should exist by now. (If not, go
>to Adding a DraftSubmissionFolder)
>In the DraftSubmissionFolder add a 'Draft' object. Again, a form will guide
>you through the properties which Zope asks you to fill in.
>Please, try to follow the following guideline:
>	DraftID:

Could be "the related chapterID" + "draft" (ended by draft), and for new 
drafts, increment ...draft1, ...draft2, and so one.

>You can change the abstract of the Draft object by going to the 'DraftInfo'
>view of a Draft object.

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