[ZDP] RE: ANNOUNCE: Zope Tutorial Preview

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 13:03:18 -0400

> The tutorial installs correctly on my box (Zope 2.1.6 on Win32).
> I followed it; I like the idea because it shows how to build a site 
> incrementally.

Thanks. I think it is really important to show people how to use Zope in
a step by step fashion.

> Here are a few notes and questions.
> 1) The product icon is broken in /Control_Panel / Products / 
> ZopeTutorial:
> Here is the page source for this icon:
> <IMG SRC="/p_/ProductHelp_icon"
>     ALT="[Product Help]" BORDER="0">

Thanks, this is probably the result of a incomplete packaging of the
help system for the tutorial release on my part.

> 2) tutorialShowLesson uses Javascript.
> You may want to display a message if Javascript is not available. 
> Javascript is usually off on my browser and I missed this navigation 
> feature until I had a look at the sources.

Right. Javascript is only used to take you to the appropriate management
screen for each lesson. There should be some way to notify folks without
JS that they'll have to turn the pages manually.

> 3) Will you be able to store several tutorials in the 
> ZopeTutorial product? 
> Or do you plan to store one tutorial only in this folder?

I think that the tutorial product could hold many lessons. Maybe it
could have multiple different tutorials, but in general I am thinking in
terms of one tutorial, many lessons.

> 4) I cannot add a ProductHelp in the ZopeTutorial folder (or 
> in any other 
> Product folder). I suppose I'm missing some part of the new 
> help system.

Sorry. Again, this is due to an incomplete packaging job on my part.
Though I'm not sure what this has to do with the tutorial exactly...

Thanks for your feedback!


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