[ZDP] Discussion on Threaded Discussion

Maik Röder roeder@berg.net
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:44:47 +0200

Hi Rik !

> Why not merge this with Comments, though.
> ( in this way it is going to be a bit like Michel Pelletier discussable
>   for each item in Zope.)  The difference is not completely clear to me.

For further discussion, please refer to:


> Is it possible to send attachements?
> It should be possible to change the ordering of discussions
>  (like in a mail/news reader) 

Adding attachements and sorting is planned.
To see what else is planned, please refer to:


>The posting link should be somewhere else (I had to look for it now). 
> There should be a reply button at the bottom of each posting.

I have added these suggestions into a Task:


> Is the goal anything squishdot like, or much simpler? If the first, I have a
> few suggestions for additions.

Simple at first. Then we can talk about feature bloat ;-)

> Why a discussions folder class and a discussions class? Can discussions also
> be added to places elsewhere.

Threaded discussions are separated into DiscussionFolders and
Discussions so 
that you can give different rights to different Roles.
DiscussionsFolders are added by Moderators, while Discussions can be
by Visitors. For completeness's sake, we are also planning to perhaps
add a
DiscussionRoom which only a Manager can add, but this is not decided

BTW: I have already put your contextOrderer to good use in many places,
and plan to use it more extensively in the future. The great thing
is that it could also be used for changing arbitrary properties.
For example you can change all properties with id "nickname" for
example to enforce a certain naming scheme. I have added this
as a Task:


Thanks a lot for your comments !