[ZDP] Discussion on Threaded Discussion

Maik Röder mroe@axion-gmbh.de
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 14:30:56 +0100

Hi !

> Extract from discussion between Rik and Maik:
> >
> > > Why a discussions folder class and a discussions class? Can discussions 
> > > also be added to places elsewhere.
> >
> >Threaded discussions are separated into DiscussionFolders and
> >Discussions so that you can give different rights to different Roles.
> >DiscussionsFolders are added by Moderators, while Discussions can be
> >added by Visitors. For completeness's sake, we are also planning to
> >perhaps add a DiscussionRoom which only a Manager can add, but this
> >is not decided yet.
> [Rik] Yes, ok, but does this mean that discussion could only take place 
> inside a dicussion folder. Wouldn't it be a good idea to allow moderators
> also to add a dicussion thread to any item. In this way a discussion is
> attached to any subject by a moderator, so to say. I realize this is
> extending functionality, but perhaps later on. It's more an idea than
> anything else.
> [Kamon] I agree that a moderator that has a certain right on a specific item 
> should be able to create a discussion on it. Thus a discussion thread will 
> be attached to the object.

The Moderator you are talking about here would be the Maintainer of the
object. I have changed the implementation plans so that Maintainers can
create DiscussionRooms and DiscussionFolders inside objects they are
Maintainer of.


> Hmm, while thinking about this, I found maybe we 
> also need a DiscussionThread class. This is the container object that is 
> added each time a discussion is created in the context of an object 
> anywhere.

This would be the DiscussionFolder, if one topic is enough. A Maintainer
would choose a DiscussionRoom if he has many things to discuss in
separate DiscussionFolders.

> In the case of centralised discussions, a DiscussionsThread is added to a 
> DiscussionsFolder.

I think we don't need a DiscussionThread when we have DiscussionRooms and

> In the case of non-centralised discussions, a DiscussionsThread is added by 
> itself attached to the discussed object.
> What do you think ?

Right. This means adding a DiscussionFolder to an object, where the
DiscussionFolder starts a thread.

Thanks for your feedback !

Best regards,