[ZDP] Re: General Q'ns

Maik Röder mroe@axion-gmbh.de
Mon, 17 Apr 2000 15:56:58 +0100

Hi Tom !

> 1. What does the 'Add abstract' means? (I've found the q'n in another
> thread so this is ok now)

This is just optional. You can give a little introduction about
the content that follows. You will find this in every single
ZClass of the ZDP-Tools, but this may change.

I have added this to the ZDP-Tools FAQ


> 2. In the end, what will be the difference between Squishdot and 
> Threaded discussions?

I don't know much about Squishdot, but the main difference is that
Threaded Discussions are integrated in the ZDP-Tools now. It
would be hard to incorporate Squishdot Discussions into the ZDP-Tools,
because I guess much of the implementation is written in Python,
and the philosophy of the ZDP-Tools is to do it all in ZClasses and
DTML for programming through the web.

> 3. Discussions and DiscussionFolder are both the same, ie. they hold
> postings? They only differ by whom they can be created. Is this 
> assumption correct?

Yes. But there is a small difference between DiscussionFolders and Discussions:
DiscussionFolders let the Moderator set the topic of the Discussion, and
Discussions are only Postings to this topic by Members. 

You can find out more about what the Classes are for here:


> Isn't it a little bit too flexible to allow 'anonymous' users to create
> discussions? Why not allowing them to propose one, but that still a
> maintainer has to allow it to be made public? This way, you can avoid
> duplicate discussions.

A Discussion is just a Posting to a Topic given in a DiscussionFolder.
A Discussion can also be a Posting to another Discussion that is 
already inside a DiscussionFolder.

Right now Anonymous can add Comments to CommentFolders, and in the same way,
it should be possible for Anonymous to add Discussions to DiscussionFolders
or Discussions.

> It would be better to place the 'Edit' links right under the 
> content itself.

For a current discussion on this see:


> This is more natural: ie a person first reads the
> content and then perhaps wants to change it. The 'Add abstract' button
> is somehow a little bit distracting. I would place it somewhere else, 
> because I think not much people will use it anyway.

I think that we should add a recommendation to the ZDP Style Guide to give a
small abstract to every single object you add to the ZDP-Tools. There may
be places where this makes no immediate sense, and in such a case, the
ZClass should be changed as I have written here:


> A threaded discussion is meant for quickly sharing ideas, not to formulate them very well.
> Like it is now, I'm always attracted to add an abstract because the 'add'
> link distracts me from the real content. 
> ... Is it secured? ie. Can everybody change/add an abstract and change a
> discussion or can this only be done by the initial creater of the discussion? 

Added this as a suggestion to:



Maik Röder